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    Southern Charm Cleaners

    Thursday February 28, 2013

    CrossFit PTC Warm-Up / Skills Row 500 Foam roll (Hams/Quads/back) 2x 5 x 1 arm Kettle bell swings (each arm) 5 x 1 arm Kettle bell cleans (each arm) 5 x 1 arm Kettle bell snatches (each arm) 5 Goblet squats Strength Exercise: Back Squat/lbs Reps: 5 Comment: 5-5-5-5-5 (warm up then first set at […]

    Tuesday February 26, 2013

    CrossFit in Peachtree City GA. Personal trainer available.


    CrossFit PTC is the only CrossFit Gym Affiliate in Peachtree City. CrossFit PTC is closed on Sundays.