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  • Whole Life Challenge Sponsors

    Many thanks to the local businesses that have partnered with us in the Whole Life Challenge. Please visit and patronize our Sponsors. Let them know that you are a member of CrossFit PTC.

    Thrivent Financial

    Thrivent Financial

    Sunshine Botanicals

    Sunshine Botanicals

    10% Off PROGENEX

    CrossFit Kids Certified

    CrossFit Kids

    CrossFit PTC Supports the RRG

    CrossFit RRG: We support our community's first line of defense.

    Referral IPAD Contest

    Looking to win an IPAD?


    Contest starts Monday November 19th and runs through the 21st of December (we’ll  have the drawing on the 21st)


    1.        One ticket in the raffle jar for every qualified referral.

    a.       Qualified would be an adult that lives in the local area (not in the city—PTC, Senoia, F-Ville, Sharpsburg, etc.  Subject to our call.). Cannot be a former member. 

    b.      Person referring them to us (ie the person who is our client) would have had to talk to them about CrossFit (give them a card). Let them know that we were going to contact them.

    c.       Referral is on a referral form that the athlete gives to us (Name, Phone, email)…and they agreed to being referred.

    2.       One additional ticket in the jar for that referral coming in for an intro.  (We’ll give the person credit for this as long as the intro is scheduled before Dec 31).

    3.       A third ticket in the jar if that referral then signs up.

    4.       Bringing a friend to Bring a Friend day counts as a referral (if that person counts as qualified).


    But wait…there’s more…

                   Any person who is  referred will get the same deal  we offered during the Whole Life Challenge.  2 months of CF for price of one (must be Silver or greater) and foundations for free, as long as they sign up before the end of December.


    Any current and paid member or staff is eligible.  Staff referrals must be newly generated referrals. (Not call ins, etc)


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