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  • Peachtree City, GA 30269
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    Getting Started

     CrossFit PTC is a members only facility that serves up an old school menu of sweat, hard work, muscle soreness, camaraderie, community and fun.  Yes, fun.


     So, how do you get started with CrossFit PTC?   First schedule a free visit.  A CrossFit certified coach will work with you to figure out where you are, how you got there and help figure out how CrossFit can be a part of the way ahead.  They will also show you around the gym, introduce you to a few of the movements and put you through a free introductory CrossFit workout.  After this you will likely know if CrossFit PTC and our coaching is for you or not.  If you want mirrors, machines, and meaningless conversation, CrossFit PTC will not be your cup of tea.  If you want an observable, measurable, repeatable pathway to a broad and inclusive general purpose physical fitness you will be invited to join. 

    All of our classes are coached.  During the introductory workout we will discuss which classes will be the best for you.


    Finally if you already have a background in CrossFit at another CrossFit affiliate we can discuss membership with you and get you into a class.  If you have been CrossFitting on your own, we’d love to do the free intro with you to get you started.

    (Visiting CrossFitters please ask your coach to email us…see the contact page)

    Call 678-519-2302 or email to schedule an Intro.  Take the first step to changing your fitness forever.

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