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CrossFit Kids

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Monday July 21, 2014

CrossFit PTC –

Row 500 & Agile 8

Row 500
Agile 8
Foam Roll — IT, Piraformis, Teardrop adductors
V-Sit rollover
Firehydrant (arms/back straight)
Groiner (10x each side)
Frog Jumps (10x)
1st Baseman (x2 each side) or Sampson

A: Back Squat (3-3-me 85%)

B: Weighted Pull-ups (8-8-me 70%)

Go from A-B then rest 1:30
Beginners – Work on Hang Power Clean


As Many Rounds As Possible in 8 min
4 – Power Cleans (155, 75)
8 – Over the bar burpee
12 – Sit up

We will miss you Seth!

We will miss you Seth!

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