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    CrossFit PTC-Announcing CFPTC OPEN Saturday


    CrossFit PTC

    CrossFit Open WOD Saturday

    March 6th – April 7th 2013

    Do you want to compete?

    Want to do the WODs for the CrossFit Open in a games like atmosphere?

    Not a games level athlete, but want to see where you stand in the Open?

    During the CrossFit Games Open, CrossFit PTC will be hosting a weekly OPEN WOD SATURDAY workout from 10:00 to 11:30 am.  Each week we will invite athletes to compete in the WOD as posted in the OPEN competition.  There will be prizes available for those that compete in all 5 events as well as those that compete just that day.

    Prizes for attending all 5 weeks:

    Men/Women Overall: Highest score after 5 weeks

    Men/Women Masters: Highest score after 5 weeks

    Weekly prizes will vary.  Shirts, mobility tools, hoodies, nutrition supplements, etc.  There will be different categories announced each week. They could range from random door prizes, highest score, best effort, most spirit, best dressed or some other criteria.  Needless to say you must be present to win and prizes will be based on how many people enter the competition.

    Cost for the entire 5 weeks:  $30

    Individual Saturday: $8

    If you want to get judged for the open at a different time (i.e. not during the OPEN WOD SATURDAY) the cost will be $20, $15 for our members that are on a Gold Membership.  This must be scheduled with a coach in advance.

    Want to feel like you are a part of the open but are unsure? Scaling is always an option!

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