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    Southern Charm Cleaners

    Monday February 25, 2013

    CrossFit PTC

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    Warm-Up / Skills

    Run 800
    shoulders with lacrosse ball
    10 pistols (alternating legs)
    10 GHD sit ups
    8 empty bar thrusters


    Exercise: Push Jerk/lbs
    Reps: 1
    Comment: Warm up- Find 1 RM
    (Beginners- Learn the Push Jerk)


    Seven rounds for time of:
    7 Push Jerks 60% of 1RM
    7 Chest to bar pull-ups
    7 Burpees

    Result Type: Time
    Percent Of Strength: 60%
    Comment: Time Cap = 24 min
    Use 60-65% of 1RM- Round up!

    Congrats Coach Shel!

    Congrats Coach Shel!

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